Community Services

Emergency Services

The Town of Irricana offers a variety of essential services to our residents.
No matter the situation there will always be a service to offer help in times of need.
These services are available through the 911 system – POLICE, FIRE and AMBULANCE

Emergency Contact Numbers

Police (RCMP)
(403) 947-3420
(403) 947-3496
Crime Stoppers1-800-222-8477
*Fire Hall
*Rocky View County
(Burning Permit Information)
(403) 935-4393
(403) 230-1401
Alberta Health, Poison & Drug Information

*Gas Emergency 24h Service
(403) 310-5678

Fortis(403) 310-9473
Alberta One Call
(Buried Utility Locations)
Telus Repairs611
Environmental Complaint / Emergency1-800-222-6514

Irricana’s Fire Service

(Station #108) is operated by the Rocky View County Fire Service.
The station is manned by an outstanding group of volunteers who can respond to various situations.

Grass and building fires, auto accidents and chemical mishaps are just some of the situations that they will answer to.
For severe medical situations there are several First Aid responders as well.

Volunteers receive ongoing in house training and attend the Alberta Fire Training School as a required course.
Our Fire Service offers training, educated tours and literature to the public. The Fire Service will always be open to new recruits, in either fire and non firefighting services.

Taxes, Utilities & Internet is an interactive resource that helps consumers, especially vulnerable Albertans, make informed choices about their electricity and natural gas services. The website is mobile and tablet responsive and includes an interactive Cost Comparison Tool, a list of energy retailers and a searchable database that displays historic energy rates. It also includes contact information for their mediation team.

Visit to compare electricity and gas prices in your area,
view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.

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E-Billing Registration

Want to sign up for E-Billing? Click on the button and fill out the registration form.
Once completed, sign and return the form to the Town of Irricana Municipal Office.

Public Works

The Town of lrricana Public Works department has Five full time employees.  During summer months the department employs temporary summer staff through government grant programs to help with the mowing of parks, green spaces and recreational areas and general maintenance.

(403) 935-4672

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday

After Hours Emergency:
(403) 935-4672

*Please keep in mind that this is for emergency’s only. On-call personnel will return your call*

As well as parks maintenance & grounds care the public works department is in charge of water/wastewater systems, streets & roadways maintenance, general facility maintenance and the planning of capital projects and equipment.  Department staff maintains and repair streets and roads, sidewalks and signs at lowest possible costs, without reduction of safety to the public.  The Public Works shop is located at 260-1st Avenue.

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Water is supplied to the Town by the Kneehill Regional Water Commission; the water is treated at Drumheller and piped to the Kirkpatrick Reservoir where the water is distributed to five Villages and Counties.  Once the water is delivered to Irricana the water is then distributed through approximately 12,000 feet of pipe. 

Public works staff is responsible for the supply of treated potable water as well as maintenance to piping and pumping facilities.  The Town of Irricana encourages and implements programs to conserve water and reduce costs.  Water meters are in effect in all households and businesses, water is charged using a flat rate and an additional charge per cubic meter based on water consumption. 

Public works staff maintains approximately 10,000 feet of piping and manholes.  A charge for sewer is calculated using a flat rate and an additional  per cubic meter, based on usage.  Treatment is done by a lagoon system located to the North of the Town.

Child Care Services

Irricana Playschool Association

The Irricana Playschool Association offers a comfortable and constructive play-based learning environment.

Phone: (403) 935-4727
Location: 300 1 Street, Irricana, AB T0M 1B0

Irricana ECS Society

Kindergarten classes are held from September to May inclusive in the Kindergarten Room, (south entrance) of the Irricana Hall from Tuesday to Friday. Children are eligible to attend if they have reached their fifth birthday by December 31st of the current year. The Irricana Kindergarten Society is a privately run Kindergarten and its operation is governed by parents of enrolled children, therefore parental support is required. There is a registration fee.

Phone: (403) 935-4727
Location: 300 1 Street, Irricana, AB T0M 1B0

Taiyo Early Childhood Education Centre

Taiyo Early Childhood Education Centre is a non-profit organization that will provide care for children in Acme and the surrounding area. It is a play-based program that focuses on early literacy, numeracy, inquiry-based learning and STEAM.

Phone: (403) 333-2106
Location: 117 Main St, Acme, AB T0M 0A0

🔔 Irricana Property Taxes for 2024 were mailed out on May 31, 2024 and are due by June 30, 2024.