I Love Irricana Positivity Campaign & Random Acts of Kindness

During the first two weeks of December 2022, we asked you, our community, why you love Irricana. The responses we received were heartwarming, thoughtful, and a great example of why we all love small-town living. Below you’ll find over 50 responses. Thank you to everyone who participated at the Post Office and Library during the Random Acts of Kindness initiative!

Complete the sentence: “I love Irricana because…”

Small town feel. Quiet, neighbours, community, clubs: IE Library, KIK, AG Society, Lions Club, Ladies Club, Boys & Girls Club

I grew up here, so it’s welcoming

Everyone is friendly

I have lots of money

My friends

Of the library

Everyone is so friendly

All the parks and playgrounds

It’s where I grew up

I love the stars. Everything is so much more beautiful than the city

Of the amazing friendly atmosphere

The family & community activities

The small-town vibes

Love the small-town feeling!

Great neighbours, safe and quiet and everyone is willing to help someone/everyone! I love it here!

Very friendly

Of Papari!

It’s so nice and quiet

It’s quiet and lovely to listen to the birds!

Of the community and all the amazing access to help and support. Also, books!

Of the wonderful kind people

Great town, great people

The kind people. The care that is always here, and the friends here in Irricana

If you need help with anything, Irricana residents gladly step up

It’s a delightfully quiet community to rest, with awesome pizza!

I live here and care

Wonderful neighbours, plus it is my home

Small town friendliness

It has so many generous people and it’s just the best place

It’s a kind community

It’s a clean, welcoming town

I have friends here and it’s small

We are inclusive and actually have events to do

People wave and say “hi” when they pass you on the street

I live there

My kids are here, I love a small town

Community, quiet

People are nice and friendly

I love people in it

Of the people and the kindness

The people are caring and sharing. You all rock!!

Warm & friendly neighbours helping neighbours. Good access to all our town council. Kim is a great ambassador.

Great place to raise a family

Sense of community & safety! Great place to raise kids

Of the small-town family feeling

I get a small town feeling like when I was younger. Love the friendly people. Wish I lived here too!

Very friendly

Everyone is super helpful and friendly. Our post office and pharmacy staff are amazing. My children can grow up in a safe and quiet town

Of community spirit

It is nice, it is shiny

Of the 50+ Senior Club

Rob, our neighbour did our front walk – Snow Angel

The amazing people that live here

Small community. Passionate residents, great neighbours

IT’S SAFE! You can feel the love in the air for each other in Irricana! Seasons blessings!

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🔔 Irricana Property Assessments for 2024 were mailed out on March 5, 2024 to all property owners.