Emergency Preparedness Week May 7-13

Alberta’s campaign theme is: Build Preparedness Habits.

EP Week is a reminder that preparedness isn’t just about being ready for the next big disaster. It’s about making preparedness a part of your regular routine so you are better able to navigate disruptions, big or small.

The biggest reasons people are not prepared for emergencies are:

  • lack of information
  • lack of money
  • procrastination or delay taking action

For more information visit the Government of Alberta Website’s Emergency Preparedness Page.

Emergency alert tests

The test alert happens twice a year. Use the test alert to teach preparedness to youth by downloading the Alberta Emergency Test Alert Toolkit school resource guide.

  • The toolkit has a few short lessons for your classroom on the day of the test alert.
  • This toolkit – also in French – helps teachers use the test alert to prompt preparedness actions when the risk is low.
  • Schools, youth and their households can take steps to prepare so they are ready when the risk is high.

Visit Alert Ready for test dates.

🔥 The Fire Advisory is in effect, downgraded from a Fire Ban on May 26, 2023.


🔔 Irricana Property Taxes for 2023 were mailed out on May 25, 2023 and are due by June 30, 2023.