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Lawrence talks about the books…

The best Canadian adventure series that appeals to anyone who likes a good adventure story.
The Trapps Family Adventures are a series of books that follow the adventures of the Trapps children through a period of time while their father conducts an archeological dig at an ancient Inuit settlement in the Northwest Territories. The kids are cast into a time when spirits ruled the Inuit world. When, “THE OLD ONE,” takes them under his wing and shows them the secret powers of the shaman, a whole new world is opened to them. They travel on many adventures that are based on the beliefs and customs of the Inuit as they lived in the harshest climate known to man. The trials they endure and the characters they meet during their travels will affect their lives for as long as they live.
The adventures were written as an educational adventure series for the 9 to 14 age group but on publication it was learned that anyone who likes an adventure likes these books. The age of the reader does not determine the enjoyment of the books, rather it is determined by the call of adventure and the drive to learn and explore of the readers mind. A person does not have to be young to enjoy a good adventure story.
The stories and characters are fictitious however there are historical facts in the books that add to the adventures and the lure of the books. They are written in a manner that allows the reader to use his imagination to fully appreciate the stories.
Each book is a stand alone story in itself, however if the reader reads the first two books in the series, ”THE OLD ONE,” and, “THE AMULET,” they will have a better understanding of how and why the kids are able to do the things they can do in the later books.

The Author

Lawrence was born and raised in Alberta, 37 years of his adult like was spent serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The author draws on 10 years of living in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories for the inspiration for the TRAPPS Family Adventure stories.
Retirement finds him again in Alberta where he presently lives with this wife Judith. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.


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