Utility & Tax Payments (during COVID-19)

The Town Office is currently closed to the Public during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Staff are still available to respond to your telephone and email inquiries, however, we ask for your patience, as incoming volumes may increase, which may result in slower response time.

Should you wish to make a Utility or Tax payment, we are unable to offer payment by Debit at this time, however, payments can still be submitted as follows:

  1. Online Payment: to set this up, please contact your Financial Institution should you require assistance
  2. Telephone Payment;  to set this up, please contact your Financial Institution should you require assistance
  3. Credit Card:  We accept Credit Card Payment by Phone (403-935-4672)
  4. Drop Off:   Mail Slot located on the Front Door of the Town Office (222 – 2nd Street.