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For those who may have missed the July 19th Council Meeting, this letter was anonymously sent to our office and was requested to be read aloud during one of our meetings. We do no know who you are but we wanted to thank you for such a lovely letter, it brought many smiles to all our faces. We decided to post your letter here on our website as a show of thanks, with your encouragement we will continue to do our part to improve the town to be the best it possible can.
Thank You

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Pet Licence Fee’s

Unaltered: $20.00   (Between Dec.1st – Jan.31st)
Altered: $10.00   (Between Dec.1st – Jan.31st)
Unaltered: $40.00    (AFTER January 31st)
Altered: $20.00    (AFTER January 31st)
Tag Replacement: $10.00

Business Licence Fee’s

Commercial (Store Front): $50.00
Home Business (Within Town): $50.00
Non-Resident (Includes Contractors): $50.00
Peddler/Hawker/Vendor: $25.00 per month OR $100.00 per year

PDF forms for both the Pet and Business Licences can be located under the Community Information tab