Garbage/Recycling Calendar 

A contracted company provides garbage/recycling pick up service for the Town of Irricana. 
Bins are collected every Friday on an alternating schedule, we ask that all residents have their respective bins put out by 7:00 am or earlier. Garbage bins are grey while Recycling bins are blue. The calendar below shows this years garbage and recycling schedule for 2021.

Do you know about the new Tag-a-Bag program?

The Tag-a-Bag system allows you to throw out additional bags of garbage even when your bin is completely full, all you have to do is label your bags with a specialty tag that can be purchased at the town office. Label the bag with these special tags and simply place them next
to your bin before the next scheduled pick-up.

What you need to know

  • Tags cost $5.00 Each and can be purchased at the Town Office
  • The Tag-a-Bag system is only applicable towards Garbage pick-up only
  • Anything tagged that is NOT bagged will not be picked up
    All garbage items must be bagged
  • Bags can weigh up to a maximum of 30lb each, anything more will not be picked up

Please note that collection days may vary depending on upcoming holidays and/or events.