Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management

Rocky View County developed a Regional Resilience Project in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross Society.   This partnership’s objective is to build both fire and flood resiliency into the community. By empowering and supporting residents to take proactive measures to reduce their risk, we are creating a safer place for people to live.

Protecting your home starts with simple actions. Whether you are doing regular maintenance or making large scale changes during renovations, your choices will help protect your home.

As part of this project, you can apply for grants to complete the home improvements if it was recommended in your Assessment report.

Below are the Grants you can apply for;
Flood Risk Home Improvements:
·        Roof Cleanliness – Gutter Cleaning – $454 per household
·        Seal cracks in foundation walls and floors – $2,000 per household
·        Window wells and well coverings – $3,000 per household
FireSmart Home Improvements:
·        Tree Removal within 0 – 10 meters away from home – $1,500 per household
·        Roof Cleanliness – Gutter Cleaning – $454 per household