Utility Bill – New Look

With the March / April 2020 Utility Bill, you will see a New Look and Format.  The Town has upgraded Financial Software to better provide more efficient information and added extra features.  The changes to your Bill include:  Important Messages – for keeping you informed; Water Usage Graph; Payments shown in Red – listed by date and Receipt Number, and should you be carrying a Credit Balance, your Bill will identify this at the bottom of the Charges Column.

E-Billing:  Another feature we are pleased to offer Residents is the opportunity to Register for E-Billing, whereby you can receive your Utility Bills electronically.  A Registration Form was included with your recent Utility Bill, however, if you require an additional Form, please click on the attachment below.


Payment Receipts also have a fresh new look.  Each Receipt will show your Previous Balance, Payment Amount and an updated Balance after the payment was processed.  This will provide you with instant Balances, should you be either prepaying or showing an outstanding balance on Utility or Tax Account(s).