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Are all items brought forward to council entered into Minutes?

In order to ensure that minutes remain as an objective and unbiased record of council actions, Section 208(a) of the MGA specifically requires that the minutes be recorded without note or comment.

On July 13/2015 we had a written submission to council (as attached) which is accepted as a Municipal Record the comments in this case suggest council violate Section 203(2)(b) of the MGA.

Council of course always welcomes all comments at anytime.


Community Services Board

Q.  Who is the Councillor on the Community Services Board and will they be going to the April 6, 2017 Meeting?

A.  Dennis Tracz is the Council Rep.

Do I have to shovel the snow on the sidewalk?

Yes. Sidewalks must be cleared of all obstructions within a 24 hours period after a snowfall. See Bylaw # 6:95 Town of Irricana.

Do I need a business licence to run a small computer repair facility in my garage?

Business Licenses are required for Home based businesses, commercial businesses and all contractors who do business in Irricana. Business licenses are required to be renewed annually.

Do I need a cat license in Irricana?

Yes. Dog and cat licenses are due annually. See Dog and Cat Licenses on our website.

Do I need a permit to build a new shed?

Permits are required for any changes or additions involving electrical, plumbing/gas, and building.(including decks).

Have there ever been discussions of building a school in Irricana? If so, what were the end results?

Yes that is the long range goal of the town. Land has been allocated for this purpose on the south end of the town.

How can I get information about how municipalities are governed?

General Municipal information is available at Alberta Municipal Affairs Website.

How can I get information about the Town?

Public information will be forwarded to residents via the Gateway Gazette accompanying water bills,or the Town’s Community Events Sign Board, or posters in the local businesses. Information will also be posted on the Town’s website and Facebook page.

How do I get a mailing address?

To register for an Irricana mailing address and mail box contact Point of View Video/Canada Post at 935-4479.

How do we as citizens ensure our taxes are correct?

The taxes rate bylaw is submitted to the Province annual and reviewed by staff at Municipal Affairs.  Later the process is audited by our Financial Auditors.  Also town staff are committed to providing information on how your tax bill is calculated, so anyone can check the calculation.

How many homes are affected by the revised 2014 tax bylaw

Status Impact # Impacted

+/- $2


Owed in total

Over 100 properties Average is $0.24 owing

+/- $5

Under $50 in refund 20 properties Average is $2.61 refund
Overpaid Under $5000 Over 400 properties Average $11 refund
Underpaid                 $1,700 Over 60 Mostly supporters of the separate school board  Ranges from $5 to extreme of $250
Combined Use Properties              $1,800


            13.00 Largest issues

Two properties over $500

Is there anything I can do to help? (SNOW)

Yes. After a snowfall, crews are often hampered by cars parked on streets, which block access for snow clearing equipment, this creates time delays and can be hazardous. From November 1st to March 31st, please ensure that vehicles on Madison Drive and 6th Street (Emergency Route) are parked in accordance with Section 9 of Traffic Bylaw 1:2010. Parking in contravention of this bylaw is subject to fines and/or impound at the owner’s expense. Additional temporary parking restrictions may be imposed to allow snow clearing to take place. Vehicles parked in contravention are subject to fine and/or impound at the owner’s expense.The Town cannot accept responsibility for damage to vehicles parked on streets or boulevards during snow removal operations.

Large Waste Pick Up

Can a designated location be used for the large waste pick up instead of in front of homes.

Madison Drive Sidewalks

Can the sidewalk at Madison Drive to Main Street be extended.

Man Van Clinic

Q.  MAN VAN coming, yes or no.

A.  Administration will look into how Irricana can host a Clinic.

Missed Garbage / Recycling Pick Up

What is the process if my Garbage or Recycling is not picked up (Bin was put out on time and in correct location).

If either the garbage or recycling bin was not picked up, please contact the Town Office at (403) 935-4672 (Ext 100) and report the missed pick up.


Parking on Madison Drive

Q: Where will we park and how far away during the Madison Drive paving project?

A: A Temporary parking area has been set up at the Green Space at the north end of Madison Drive.

Prostate Cancer Bus

Q: Will the Prostate Cancer Bus be invited to Town so community members and surrounding area gentlemen can be tested?

A: The CAO will send an email to the Proclamation requestor.

Public Agenda Packages – Financials

Q.  Why was the financial statement (re: cheque list) not included in the gallery agenda.

A.  To be included in future Public Agenda’s, with FOIP items blacked out.

Splash Park Proposal

Were the questions and concerns on page z of the Splash Park proposal addressed or answered?  If so, what were the answers?

SW Land – Town purchased in 2014

Q. As you discuss this later In-Camera, I would like to remind Council that at the time the South West Land deal was made, it was promised that the repayment of the money was to come from sell off of land and not to be a burden on the tax payer.

Town owned Trees

Q:  There were 2 beautiful Spruce Trees cut down on Town property on the corner of 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue.  A Councillor had them cut down.  What right did she have to order these trees cut down?  In Calgary they charge the offenders for these acts?


Was there consistency before 2011 in the tax bylaw

In 2011, 2012, 2013 the minimum administrative fee as part of the tax rate bylaw was charged in excess and in May 2014 this was attempted to be corrected resulting in errors in billing.  In 2010 (2011-2013) the tax files did not indicate such issues.

When are Council meetings held?

Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month (excluding July, August and December, meetings in those months are the second Monday of the month) at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers in the Centennial Centre (222, 2nd Street). The public is welcome to attend. Meeting agendas are posted on the Web site www.irricana.com. Approved minutes of the meetings are posted on the Town Web Site.

When are taxes due?

Taxes are due June 30th each year, or 30 days from date of issue.

Statements will be mailed out as soon as Council passes the mill rate for the current year’s taxes.  If you haven’t received your statement by June 15th please contact our office to find out if they have been issued..

When are utility bills due?

Utility bills are sent every second month at the beginning of January, March, May, July, September, and November and are due at the end of the month they are billed in.

When is garbage pick-up?

Garbage Pick up is Mondays regardless of whether or not a holiday lands on the Monday. Four bag limit. See page 15 in the Community Resource Book for more information.

When is the best time to clear my driveway and sidewalk?

If possible, wait until the snowplows have made their passes on your side of the road. Tip: You may find it helpful to dump snow from your driveway towards your own property. In this way the snowplough will hit only road snow and will not redeposit your driveway’s shoveled snow back into your driveway. Please do not deposit ice, snow or debris, onto the street, which may obstruct and create hazards.

When is the next election?

Starting with the 2013 elections, officials are elected for a four-year term, and municipal elections are moved to a four-year cycle.

When the snowplough goes by and clears my road, he also blocks my driveway with snow. Can I expect the Town to clear my driveway?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Although the public works employees may, on occasion, try to assist, this is beyond the scope and resource capability of the Town. Various private contractors provide this service; please consult the Business Directory to locate these service providers.

When was Bylaw 9:2014 Passed

Bylaw 9:2014 was passed October 6, 2014.

Where can I pay my utility or tax bill?

Payments can be made by: Internet, telebanking, cash, cheque, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or direct debit at the Town Office. A drop slot is available for after hours use in the west door of the Town Office.

Where should I place my snow?

All snow should be placed within the confines of your property to avoid conflict with neighbours. Structure your snow storage early on by storing snow at the furthest points away from the areas you wish to keep clear.