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Pet Licence Fee’s

Unaltered: $20.00   (Between Dec.1st – Jan.31st)
Altered: $10.00   (Between Dec.1st – Jan.31st)
Unaltered: $40.00    (AFTER January 31st)
Altered: $20.00    (AFTER January 31st)
Tag Replacement: $10.00

PDF File to download a copy of the pet registration forms can be found under
the “Bylaws And Licensing” tab under “Cat and Dog License”.

Business Licence Fee’s

Commercial (Store Front): $50.00
Home Business (Within Town): $50.00
Non-Resident (Includes Contractors): $50.00
Peddler/Hawker/Vendor: $25.00 per month OR $100.00 per year

PDF File to download a copy of the business application form can be found under
the “Bylaws and Licensing” tab under “Getting a business license”.